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Our team will assist your business in evaluating your existing brand in order to identify areas of strengths while designating items for improvement. This process includes generating or modifying logo designs, selecting different font types, analyzing color and texture elements, and determining a successful design strategy. If your companies existing site does not have these appropriate elements, we will design it for you. So bottom line if your existing site needs a “makeover” or a “touch up” we can do that also. Ultimately, we wil help ensure that you have the materials you need for a successful voyage to reach your target destination.


[imagebox image_size=”370×240″ show_button=”yes” target=”_blank” title=”PRESS RELEASE” image=”1385″ link=”#” class=”services-grid”]A press release is a news worthy well written article, designed to create awareness and get the reader to visit your site. Your article must stand out, announce a grand opening and appear as news and not just a sales letter. Here at DBS that is what we specialize in. We can submit your Press Release to several different companies and they will then distribute to every major news site, search engine on the web and get in front of customers and journalists as well.[/imagebox]
[imagebox image_size=”370×240″ show_button=”yes” target=”_blank” title=”VIDEO MARKETING” image=”700″ link=”#” class=”services-grid”]If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward- facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns. It can be used to build customer rapport, promote your brand, services and products.[/imagebox]
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Just as there are more social media applications than ever before to promote your business, it is also true that mobile phones and other portable devices are changing the way people connect and utilize their online resources. In response, the Dynamic Business Solutions LLC provides the most comprehensive and responsive mobile friendly web design elements to ensure compatibility across all different displays. This means that regardless of what device your customers access your custom website, they will have the most presentable and interactive experience possible.


[imagebox image_size=”370×240″ show_button=”yes” target=”_blank” title=”RADIO/TELEVISION/WEB ADVERTISING” image=”1381″ link=”#” class=”services-grid”]Most business owners know that television and radio advertisements have the potential to generate revenue and local exposure. What they may not know is that this concept is contingent on many important factors. Dynamic Business Solutions LLC will help you to first choose the appropriate demographic and medium for your campaign, such as Radio, Television, and Web Audio/Video.

Our team will then help to plan, coordinate, and execute all stages of production in order to ensure a direct and locally targeted response to all of your advertsing endeavors. We will also assist you in getting quality airtime at discount prices without having to purchase in bulk.[/imagebox]